abdus salam

1st International Paediatric Conference

On behalf of Abdus Salam Research Forum we welcome you to the 1st International Paediatric Conference in Rabwah, Pakistan.

We have chosen a theme that will appeal to everyone dealing with children i.e. “Optimum healthcare for every child, let us find an integrated approach.” We believe that the care of children transcends all barriers. Though the main focus of the conference will be the healthcare professionals especially belonging to Paediatrics and allied subjects, parallel sessions will be arranged for the training of teachers and awareness of the parents. This conference shall provide a venue for sessions where doctors, nurses, teachers, parents and children will participate on the same platform. It is rare when a scientific conference brings all these sections of society together to freely interact with each other. 1st international Paediatric Conference intends to serve such purpose.

We have invited distinguished Paediatricians from around the world to share their experience with fellow doctors and present their research. Listening to and interacting with them will surely broaden our horizons and improve our care for the children.